Juicing with Banana

Juicing Banana
Note: Banana must be added to your juice with a blender - after juicing.

Bananas don't juice, however they can be added to juices as they give thickness and fibre. They have great health benefits and are one of the greatest sources of natural energy. They are over 80% water, which is nutrient rich and hydrates the body.

Bananas are essential for the cardiovascular system because they contain so much potassium. This potassium is useful in regulating heart rhythm and keeping levels of body fluid at a constant. It also lowers blood pressure and regulates nerve function.

Just like apples, bananas have high levels of pectin, which is a fibre that gets rid of toxins from the gut, which also helps reduce cholesterol.

Bananas are a great energy source as they contain sucrose, glucose and fructose, all of which provide an instant energy boost and control the release of blood sugar, the greener the banana, the quicker the release of energy. Bananas are also great for the immune system as they are said to contain amino acids which are essential in optimising immune functions. Amino acids are also great in aiding the symptoms of PMS.

Finally, bananas will also soothe the intestinal tract, as they are said to have beneficial effects on digestive disturbances like constipation.

Scott McArthur
Scott McArthur