Dear Scott,

Scott has been my personal juice therapist and close friend for more than two years. The darts profession obviously isn't associated with health and fitness, however since following Scott's juice plans I have felt a million dollars and I think you can clearly see the physical difference it has made. I was so inspired by Scott's passion for juicing that I dedicated 7 pages to the subject in my new book, Staying Power. Scott also introduced me to the Juico Uno slow juicer, which I take with me literally everywhere I go. Its fair to say juicing has become a big part of my life. Thanks Scott, and all the best with Ooosh!

Alison Hammond

British TV personality

Dear Scott,

Just wanted to express how much I love your juices , ever since 2009 I have had the pleasure of your amazing product.
I will always support you and hope you continue to provide me with juices

Kind regards

Alison Hammond

Jethro and Ed Sheeran

British Musicians

After meeting Scott personally at the Juicy Oasis in Portugal myself and my cousin Ed Sheeran have both been really inspired by his charisma, enthusiasm, knowledge as well as feeling the massive health benefits from his amazing raw extracted health juices.

As touring musicians / singers we need to stay healthy and fit and feeling good to combat our extreme work schedules. Ooosh Juice is a perfect product for everyday consumption. We fully support "Ooosh Juice" and will continue order his juices and products! We are endorsing it to all my friends, fans and family! We feel great! Thanks Scott for all your help, advice and your Ooosh Juice! Will be putting a large order in soon my man! See you at training sometime or come and juice us up on our UK tour if you have time.
Best Scott
Jethro Sheeran Twitter: @alonestar1
Edward Sheeran Twitter: @edsheeran

Jethro and Ed Sheeran

Carol Vorderman

TV Presenter

"Frozen juices are really handy when I'm travelling around and staying in hotels all the time. They keep me on track and happy. Ooosh Juice is amazing and perfect for what I need"

Carol Vorderman

Gemma Atkinson


“I met Scott at Jason Vale’s Juicy Oasis retreat in Portugal. Being in the public eye it’s important for me to (try to) look my best. I’d read that juicing was a great way to cleanse, revitalise and basically feel good from the inside out so they were my initial reasons for going.

Whilst at the retreat Scott informed me that he was also a juice therapist. He explained he had been into juicing for a while and wanted to take his business to the next level by introducing the benefits of juicing both physically and mentally to people in his area of Manchester.

Being from Manchester myself I was keen to try Scott’s Ooosh Juice. After just one day I was hooked! The juices were freshly prepared and delivered to my house all with labels explaining what they were and when to take them.

Scott has also been at the end of the phone whenever I have needed advice on recipes etc. What Scott is attempting to do with his product, in my opinion is amazing. 

Laura Parkinson

"Scott has been my juice therapist for over 4 years now, I started the juices to help me maintain a more balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, I have a very busy hectic lifestyle and having one each morning really energises me for the day ahead.

My skin feels much clearer and brighter and my bloating that I have always suffered with as disappeared.

Scott gave me expert advice when I was having fertility problems on what juices would help, Scott made me an amazing pineapple juice that contains bromelain which  I really feel helped contribute to me conceiving my gorgeous twins in 2012!!

I even sent Scott a thank you card after my twins were born as I am convinced the juices worked!! My twins are 3 years old now and also love the juices.

I workout 4/5 times a week and couldn't live without my Ooosh juices, Scott is so reliable and I get fresh deliveries every week day!! Love my juices! Thank you Scott x"

Rhian Marie

I LOVE Ooosh Juice.

I have had the juices delivered by Scott many times now and I really do love them.

I had horrendous eating habits, always felt tired, sluggish and energy less, and Scott promised me Ooosh juice would change my outlook and the way I felt.

That’s exactly what it did. Even after a week I felt like a new person. My skin looked better, I was full of energy and I felt much better in myself.

I couldn’t recommend Ooosh Juice enough. Scott is an amazing guy, very friendly and very helpful.

Thank you Scott for  giving me the tasty health kick I needed! I look forward to my next batch of juices."

Zoe MacGregor

“I was looking through some celeb pics and came across Gemma Atkinson, who was doing a detox by Scott so I sourced out his email. Scott was lovely and recommended a 3 day detox. He was informative and kept me in the loop all the way.

I completed the detox 11lbs lighter, I was amazed.
Thanks for everything Scott.”

Pauline Lyndon

“I first started having juices from Scott about three years ago. I now have them delivered for three of my work mates too. They make you feel so healthy and when I miss one, I really notice the difference! I’ve also done the 7 day detox twice and lost 10 pounds. I was over the moon! Scott is a great guy, really reliable, delivering juices in all weathers. Keep it up Scott, you’re doing a great job”

Robert Hughes

“I have been having Scott’s juice three times a week for three years now as part of a balanced diet/healthy lifestyle and I cant recommend them enough.

I play a lot of sport and they are great to give you a energy kick and/or give your immune system a boost. The juices taste great as well and instantly give me a lift."

Kelly Short

"Scott was great in advising/encouraging both me & my husband during our detox & following on from that in juicer/blender requirements so we could do them ourselves. Now I juice up a batch for every week – so addictive! Thank you Scott!”


“I am a 42 year old normal working man working long hours and having two young kids, meant I was eating the wrong food and rarely feeling up to doing any exercise.

My wife told me about a 5 Day Detox where you can lose up to 7lb without any additional exercise. This sounded too good to be true but I thought I would give it a shot.

By the end of the five days due to not feeling hungry I had not cheated once, had bags more energy and I lost 7lb!!!! In 5 Days….Get In There!!!….all with no additional exercise.

Scott who manages the business is also the nicest and most genuine guy you will ever meet – always answering calls and willing to give advice and encouragement every step of the way.

I now make my own juices and have a much healthier regime and loads more energy
Give it a try I guarantee you will be over the moon with the results as I was. Thanks again Scott!”

Catherine Clark

“I have been having Ooosh Juices from Scott now for about two years and they are amazing! The very first time I did my juice detox I lost 10 pounds in 7 days and kept it off!! Not only this, but my IBS symptoms disappeared and my hair and skin felt amazing!! You feel completely energised and healthy!! Best thing ever!!!”

Davina Turner

“I’ve been doing juicing since last year. I have really seen the benefits. This year I wanted to do a detox program and I got in touch with Scott. I was blown away with his passion for juicing and how he wanted to help people.

I ordered my juices they were delivered all labelled with the ingredients.  The detox program was great both physically and mentally. The juices have a great taste.

After my detox I have continued to order juices from Scott.

I would definitely recommend juicing and for professional advice speak to Scott who will encourage you and put you on the right platform for juicing.
The cost of the juices I have bought has been very competitive. You will feel and see the benefits once you start the juice programme.”

Jayde Hamilton

“I did the 7 day juice challenge with Scott in May 2012 and it changed my life forever.

I had a terrible eating habit. Some days I wouldn’t eat at all. After doing the juices it changed my taste buds for the better I now eat healthier, and also eat foods I wouldn’t have had before.

I didn’t do the juices to lose weight but to cleanse my inside. I had suffered from recurring miscarriages and my fifth pregnancy in June 2012 was successful and I now have a beautiful and healthy little boy – we couldn’t be happier !!”

Honey Burtonshaw

“So I have a very busy lifestyle, I’m a wife, mum to a one year old, and a career working all sorts of hours and stay away with work a lot.

I was speaking to a mutual friend of Scott’s on how she’s changed her eating habits and been juicing and lost over a stone in 2 months.

I called Scott and he explained how he makes the juices up and blast freezes so very little nutrients are lost. I ordered the seven day programme.

I have had such an amazing week and was 8lb lighter this morning. My skin looks amazing and I feel amazing!

I called Scott yesterday and said I need to continue this goodness! We discussed a plan of still having three juices a day and two light meals. I can’t wait for them to arrive! I’m so thrilled I have found a solution to being healthy with a busy lifestyle! I couldn’t and wouldn’t have done it without Scott! Thank you so much."

Amanda Shorrocks

"Love, love, love Ooosh Juice.

I have been having juices delivered by Scott for over 2 years now and I cannot recommend him enough.

Scott's knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for juicing is inspiring. The combinations of ingredients Scott uses are so tasty! My personal favourites are Ginger Zinger and Green Supreme.

Thank you so much for introducing me to this fabulous product. Keep up the good work Scott!

I am looking forward to my next deliver :-)"