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Make today the day you take the plunge and revitalise your body with the Ooosh Juice Diet and Detox Plan. Whether you would like to Juice to loose weight or to give your digestive system a break, Ooosh Juice by Scott McArthur brings you the 3 Day, 5 Day and 7 Day Juice plans - Juicing for people with busy lifestyles. 

How it works...

  1. Decide whether you want to do the 3 Day Juice Diet5 Day Juice Diet, or 7 Day Juice Diet, and place your order.
  2. We prepare your juices to order, freeze them and send them for delivery
  3. 48 ours later you receive the juices, which you should transfer to the freezer straight away
  4. Make sure you follow our Guide to being prepared below...

Be Prepared...

  1. Make room in your freezer, the 3 Day Juice Diet, requires 1 and a half shelves in your freezer, the 5 Day Juice Diet requires 3 shelves in your freezer and the 7 Day Juice Diet requires a full freezer.
  2. Try to cut out alcohol, caffeine and unhealthy, processed foods, junk food or takeaways for 1 week before you start the Ooosh Juice Detox & Diet Plan.
  3. Make sure you drink 2 litres of water every day for a week before you start the Ooosh Juice Detox & Diet Plan.
  4. Try to increase your intake or fruit and vegetables to prepare your body for the shock of goodness that the Ooosh Juice Detox & Diet Plan brings.

What to Expect...

  1. You may start to feel hungry at times, however the juice plan comes with suggestions to help you cope with any cravings.
  2. If you haven't managed to follow our guide to being prepared, you might feel withdrawal from caffeine. 
  3. Your digestion may slow down at first, but should return to normal after the first 36 to 48 hours.
  4. Overall, you should feel healthier, more energised, less lethargic and overall happier.
  5. Weight loss is a added bonus for those who are looking for it.

You can download Ooosh Juice Detox & Diet Plan brochures that come with your Ooosh Juice plan here.


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Scott McArthur
Scott McArthur


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