#1 Hydroblast

  • Ooosh Juice #1

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    Cold Pressed Apple
    Cold Pressed Celery
    Cold Pressed Cucumber
    Cold Pressed Beetroot
    Cold Pressed Lime

    Intro-Oooshing Hydro Blast...

    The beetroot in Hydro Blast is a great source of nitrates, which are said open up the capillaries to help the uptake of oxygen in to your organs. A scientific study has proven that the stamina of cyclists increases by up to 15%, after consuming 500ml of beetroot juice daily, for seven days.

    Hydro Blast also contains cucumber which is a natural hydrator. It contains silica which is great for skin hydration. Cucumber also contains potassium which helps mop up lactic acid build up.

    Finally Hydro Blast contains celery, which is known as natures natural sodium. It is said to be great for flushing out your diuretic system, also fantastic for clearing out carbon dioxide from your body. Celery replaces the electrolytes that are lost in sweat, and is also great for joints.

  • Breakdown of vegetables, fruit and supplements

    03 Vegetables
    02 Fruits
      00 Supplements

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